Thriving-as-a-Service for a longer and richer life through gamified learning and wellness


They say games are for kids, but we disagree. We are the Atari kids, we used floppy disks to game on our Commodore 64s, 8-bit graphics were cutting edge, not retro. We’re here to take back our creation with a community built by us and for us.

Play and Participate to Earn

Our Online Gaming Community serves as the gateway to reach the 50.6 million age 40+ and veteran gamers through competitive and casual gaming, streaming, events, and learning earning Loyalty Points and our $OGL Token.


Physical, Mental, and Financial Wellness resources drive our users to thrive with the latest communications and blockchain technology building wealth for our users. Powered by StrongNode with its Blockchain-Edge-of-Things tech.

Impact and Benefits of Original Gamer Life

Engage in Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness

Gaming has the ability to heal and bring people together. Original Gamer Life gamifies wellness with tokenized reward systems incentivizing our users to get up, move out, and stay active.

Our Platform Provides Resources to:

Be Part of a Community Built For You

Our platform allows people to connect through bleeding edge technology in ways never widely experienced before. Gaming opens hearts and minds building lasting relationships across the world. Carving out a brand new space in the metaverse allows our members to plug into a community built specifically for them.

Settle Into Your Virtual Home

Our Metaverse allows you to easily invite your friends and family to join you staying connected through text, audio, and video chat. Upgrade your place with rewards earned on our platform.

Express Yourself In New Ways

Display your own creations or tell stories to share with others. Your profile becomes your trophy case for NFTs, achievements, and awards you've picked up with OGLife.

Actively Generate Wealth

Earning passive income by playing video games using StrongNode technology is made easy through the Original Gamer Life platform. Loyalty Points can be spent within the OGLife platform for video games, skins, streaming services, premium rewards in your favorite games, or transferred to other cryptocurrencies or even redeemed for cash. Actively build wealth with increasing gains by participating more and more with the community.

Earn the $OGLife Token and Stake it for Greater Rewards, Governance, or Spend it in our Shop on Premium Services

Loyalty Points gained through tasks, achievements, and premium events can be spent alongside the $OGLife Token

StrongNode employs your excess CPU/GPU/Bandwidth and rewards you with the $EDGE Token to spend on services, exchange for other crypto, or redeem for cash

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