Esports, or “electronic sports”, are organized competitive gaming events. It is a multifaceted industry involving many different stakeholders, all of them contributing to the value chain or the value integration of the audience that is experiencing the various esports products.


Six Major Stakeholders in the Esports Industry: 

1.) Teams, professional players, streamers 

2.) Game publishers

3.) Streaming platforms

4.) Physical products 

5.) Leagues and tournaments 

6.) Digital tools


Our goal at OGLife is to level the playing field and provide business streams where there is none at the moment through the innovations provided by technology – fintech, DeFi, crypto, blockchain,etc  – which lend well to the business design and structure of an esports league and media streaming platform.


Fans and supporters of the industry will have a slice of the pie with earnings in crypto by supporting and watching streams and matches of their favorite players and teams as well as other campaigns and programs that advance the OGLife mission and vision.