In this section, we will soon see a list of the matches and broadcasts for each game, which teams will be competing with whom, and we will see chat rooms where fans can engage with the players during live streaming.


OGLife is designed to be the virtual home of senior gamers as they enter the world of online gaming and esports. We will power this with blockchain technology to ensure transparency, accuracy, and security of the stats, data, and most especially in the winnings and prizes of the teams as well as the earnings of the fans who support the games and the players.


Our goal is to support the industry’s drive and efforts towards standardization and professionalism of all the stakeholders in the space. As mature players who have been leading figures in other industries and in life before they got involved with esports and gaming, our senior gamers bring with them their unique experiences and expertise in different fields that will provide unlimited value to the “game”, so to speak. In this regard, they are much needed for the continuous growth of the industry…and will prove their value and worth through OGLife.